A Beautiful Day!

We had a wonderful day on the White River with Keith’s Bamboo Crew! Let me walk you through our trip so you will know what to expect and what to bring.


To book a trip with Keith, call him at 876-874-6939 a few days before you plan to go and he will arrange everything for you.


If you are staying at Couples Sans Souci, you can arrange a tour in person – you will find Keith by asking for him or on the private road to Paradise Cove – just outside the entrance to Sunset Beach.


A towel and bathing suit if you plan to swim in the river or the ocean – the weather is usually pretty warm though so no worries if you forget your towel.

Bring a swim suit and towel you plan to get wet! (Skinny Dipping is only allowed after a few Red Stripes)

Most of the duration of the trip is in the shade, but If you are sensitive to the sun, want to spend time on the beach, or burn easily you will want to bring sunscreen.

Mosquitos are not too bad along the river, but bug spray should also be brought if you are concerned about being bitten.

A little bit of cash is good as tips for your boat captain are always appreciated and you may find a souvenir along the way, a local bar to stop in or you may want to hang out at one of the Shaw Park Beach restaurants – you will NOT be approached by aggressive vendors.

Everything else, water, Red Stripe and lunch will be provided.


Keith and his crew will pick you up at Shaw Park Beach in Ocho Rios. This is also where Sunset Beach is located at Couples Sans Souci. Sunset Beach is on one side of the river, Shaw Park Beach is on the other side.

Pickup near Sunset Beach at Couples San Souci – Shaw Park Beach is across the river.

If you are arriving on a cruise ship, private transportation to and from the Ocho Rios Cruise Terminal can be arranged. 

Noel on his boat near Shaw Park Beach.

If you are staying at Couples Tower Island – simply “Trade Places” for the day (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays) and meet Keith at Sunset Beach.


Keith and his crew will begin the long, tough journey navigating your boat up the beautiful White River.

Along the way, your tour guide will show you local flowers, herbs and vegetables that naturally grow along the river.

There’s a lot of birds, flowers and beautiful trees to spot along the way.
Pass through “Lover’s Rock” for good luck in your relationship!


After a 45 minute trip up the river, your tour guides will stop at a beautiful little spot where you can get out and take a swim to cool off in the crystal clear water and enjoy another Red Stripe.

The swimming hole.


Once you’ve finished your swim, we will take you back down the river to Keith’s spot directly along the White River.

The boats move much quicker down river and in no time at all, you’re at Keith’s spot ready to feast on a huge, locally sourced, freshly prepared lunch.


You’ve made it! Your journey has taken you up and back down one of the most beautiful places in Jamaica and the world.


Now it’s time to experience a huge feast of locally sourced lobster (in season), fish, jerk chicken, ackee, and other freshly prepared vegetables. (If you are vegan, let Keith know in advance and he will prepare a special meal just for you)

Keith gets up very early in the morning to begin preparing the feast for your enjoyment. This includes spending the evening prior sourcing all of the ingredients. This is no small task and any chef will instantly recognize the hard work that went into preparing such a fabulous meal.


After lunch, spend a while taking in the beautiful scenery, swimming in the crystal clear water or just relax with a Red Stripe on one of the benches and seats.

Keith’s spot is directly on the White River near a natural bend – this bend creates a deep pool for swimming.

The sound of the water itself is relaxing and peaceful and it’s easy to spend hours here relaxing and listening to the sounds.


Unfortunately the day must end and you will be sad to be packing up and leaving Keith’s spot on the river.

The crew is not done entertaining you yet as the ride home will be filled with music, stories, jokes and a lot of camaraderie.


If you are staying at Couple’s Sans Souci or Tower Island, Keith will return you to Sunset Beach @ Sans Souci.

If you arrived by Cruise Ship or are staying elsewhere, the crew will drop you off at Shaw Park Beach or the White River Fisherman’s Village where your transportation home will be waiting.

If you have time remaining, a swim at Shaw Park Beach is a great way to finish the day.

Sunset at Couples Sans Souci/Shaw Park Beach

On the way up and down the river, you will pass the White River Fisherman’s village – this is a nice little area filled with a couple of local bars and restaurants and is an easy walk from Shaw Park Beach/Couple’s Sans Souci.

White River Fisherman’s Village